Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services Practice serve engineering-related recruitment needs across all industries. Our consultants and researchers have solid experience from the engineering domain and our daily work gives us extraordinary insight into the latest engineering talent trends. Our team works together across geographies and business lines to provide clients with seamless local service combined with the depth and vision of a global firm.


Technology is the major engine of the new digital era, requiring business leaders with the ability to anticipate future needs/wants, and delivering products/services that meet those needs in an intelligent and integrated way. We help clients look beyond their organisation to identify the skills required to support rapid expansion and defend against intense competition, in addition to helping engineering & advanced technology based companies find the right executives for leadership and technical roles. Our daily work gives us extraordinary insight into the latest technology and communications talent trends - from global business alignment to cutting-edge entrepreneurship. Our knowledge is your power.


At Talentstone Search we pride ourselves on continuously developing our knowledge and always looking beyond our existing networks for that special talent, required to transform a conventional business into an extraordinary success story. We excel not only in individual search, but also large-scale team re-organisation and functional design. Our search assignments work because we manage clients and candidates alike - with insight, empathy and first class sector knowledge. Our Engineering Services practice has developed deep expertise in addition to an extensive executive network within Automotive, Construction, High Speed Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Power, Electronics, and Process Engineering etc.


Within the above engineering areas, the types of mandates we deliver are:

·          Engineering Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Materials, Structural)

·          Engineering Projects Management

·          Power Design Engineering

·          Product Development & Test Engineering

·          RF and Communication Systems Engineering

·          Plant Management & Operations

·          Quality Assurance / Six Sigma / Lean Engineering

·          Process or Manufacturing Engineering

·          Maintenance Engineering / Environmental Engineering

·          Architecture and Design / Building and Construction Engineering

·          Applications & Algorithm Engineering

·          Production and Process Engineering